Cathodic Protection

Engineering Services

  • Pre Design and FEED Surveys
  • Specialized Coating Surveys
  • Interference Surveys and Modeling (AC&DC)
  • System Commissioning and Trouble Shooing
  • Testing, Maintenance and Monitoring Services
  • Specialized Manpower Secondment Services
  • Detail Design and drafting Services
  • Standards and Procedure Development
  • Consultation & Turnkey Projects


EMDAD in-house manufacturing unit in conjunction with our partners can supply all specialized Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Materials:

  • Pre Design and FEED Surveys
  • Transformer Rectifier (oil and air cooled standard or special design to any size)
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Systems (RMCS)
  • Monitoring and Junction Boxes
  • Anodes Impressed Current and Sacrificial
  • All kind of reference cells for any application
  • Test facilities
  • Anti-fouling and Electro Chlorination Electrodes

Supply & Install

EMDAD can supply and install any or all parts of a complex system specific tailored to suit the client’s individual requirements such as:

  • Impressed Current Anode Systems.
  • Sacrificial Anodes Systems.
  • Specialized Cathodic Protection Materials.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control Systems.