Drilling Equipment

Such as rock bits including milled tooth, insert, PDC. Roller reamers, hole openers

Well Control Equipment BOP, Christmas trees, well heads OCTG

Casing (Buttress and premium), Tubing ( buttress and premium ) , accessories such as pup joints , float collar and casing connectors

Completion Items

  • inflatable and swellable packers
  • Production packers
  • Safety Valve
  • Service packers
  • Multi-Stage isolation packer
  • Bridge plugs
  • Safety Disconnecting subs
  • ESP Packers & Accessories

Drilling Fluids

Corrosion inhibitors, shale stabilizers, emulsifiers, Viscosifiers

Circulation System

Shale shakers and shale shaker screens

Downhole Rental Tools

Roller reamers, drill pipes, drill collars, Heavy weight drill pipes