Solar Power

EMDAD provides Solar Systems for remote power requirements from minuscule to high power systems of several kilowatts. Systems are put together with countless partners and component manufacturers within the solar industry. As solar is a growing innovative market, EMDAD stays on the cutting edge of the technology development of panels, batteries and controllers to provide the most up to date available all round system.

EMDAD has installed and commissioned various sizes of standalone solar systems including Zone Certified Systems in the Middle East and North Africa. Our solar systems are particularized and custom-made from various specialized component manufacturers to suit individual necessities.

Metrology & Calibration

  • Wide range of calibration & precision measurement tools, operating under the guidelines of ISO17025 & ISO9000
  • 40 feet complete Lab container, with full mobility option optimizing work on site especially during turnarounds
  • Motivated, Qualified and Experienced personnel offering the optimum required solutions & services
  • Traceability implementing ISO17025 (EN45001) & ISO9000