Waste Management Services

Treatment of oil based mud cuttings:
EMDAD operates the first plant in the GCC that processes the Waste Mud produced from Oil and Gas well drilling operations and treats the cutting to recover the oil and water using a heat-and centrifuge process. Emdad is using a Thermal Oil Recovery (THOR) system that applies indirect heat to remove all the hydrocarbon contaminants from the cuttings.

Cuttings Re-injection
EMDAD has expanded its range of services with National Oil Varco (NOV) to include Cuttings Re-injection. With this expansion we are capable of re-injecting 32,000 MT monthly of cuttings into disposal wells.

Solid Control Equipment Rental & Operation
EMDAD has added to its portfolio Solid Control Equipment Rental and Operation. We provide these services in partnership with our long standing principal National Oil Varco. The products we make available include Centrifuges, Augers, Mud Coolers, Cutting Dryer, etc.

We also provide experienced personnel that are specialized in the operation of the equipment.